Drifting Thoughts

Eliphino is currently making a big name for himself as a house producer making great tracks for the dancefloor such as ‘More Than Me’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVCBjiWmsVc) which have, of late, been blowing me away.

All good producers love hip-hop however and it’s his super-chilled album ‘Out of Phase’ from way back in 2005 that interests me. Featuring a mix of instrumental hip-hop and a several rap-lead tracks it’s a little bit of a mish-mash. The general composition of the album aside though, every bit is golden.

This is ‘Laidback (ft. Double D Dagger)’. You can find ‘Out Of Phase’ on Spotify.

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Everyone and their dog is talking about the South-London-brother-duo that is Disclosure. They make sublime UK garage. My favourite track thus far is ‘Tenderly’.

Popular Demand
Black Milk / Popular Demand

Black Milk is a producer and MC from Detroit who brings Fashawn and The Roots to mind. He’s well established with four albums under his belt. Think classic summer hip-hop with immaculate 21st century production. So good.

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'Floating Points' wraps techno, dubstep and house all up in this tasty and dark little number. For the true head bobbers.

Used 2 Be Fly
One Be Lo / S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.

One Be Lo is one of the best rappers I’ve heard about in a long time. After being incarcerated for armed robbery he converted to Islam and on his release formed the rap duo Binary Star. His casual cerebral raps are as uplifting as they are complex.

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Fantastic Mr Fox / Evelyn EP

About two years behind the curve on this one. ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ brings Mount Kimbie very much to mind. This is ‘Evelyn’.

I’d like to post a bit more but exams are kicking in over here, so bare with me.¬†

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New unreleased from Four Tet. Another after dancefloor one for you.

Gold Panda works his magic twisting ‘I Tried So Hard’ by the little known NGHTWRKS from chilled out slow burner into mellow late night groove.

The XX stuck this up. Pretty damn entrancing.


Ricky Eat Acid - Blinded 

Enjoying Cormega at the moment. A rapper from the Queensbridge estates of New York, famous for Nas amongst others. This came out way back in 2001.

This one’s ‘Fallen Soldiers’.